In Rosas del Corazón we work according to nature, since we have the privilege of having the greatest number of hours of light per day. In addition, the ideal altitude for roses (3100m above sea level) results in the perfect climatic conditions to grow premium quality roses.

Every day we produce the best, because we believe in the craftsmanship behind the cultivation of roses. Although the farm started in 2008, our management team has been in the flower industry since 1993.

We meet the needs of the most demanding customers: we export to Russia, Ukraine, Europe, the Caribbean, Asia, Australia, USA & Canada.


Quality is an important issue for us, so we constantly innovate our quality controls and our customer service:

  • Offer the most popular variety of roses
  • Long life in vase
  • Stems between 50-150 cm
  • Large buds
  • Intense colors and high saturation
  • Stable production throughout the year of high quality roses
  • Boxes of optimal sizes for transport
  • Strict quality controls before leaving the farm and prior to the flight made by High Control®
  • We work together with the breeders to constantly update the premium class variety, since we understand the needs of our clients to obtain exclusive products that differentiate them in their market.


We have a staff that is available to you in several languages: English, Chinese, Spanish, German, Russian, Ukrainian and Polish. What we are looking for is that you feel satisfied with our products and treatment.

We invite you to contact us if you are looking for a reliable partner in Ecuador.